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10-Nov-2017 15:28

New measures were announced last month to further the administration's renewed commitment to "address Central American migration challenges" and admit more people from that region.Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said "Today, we are expanding these resettlement opportunities to additional vulnerable individuals within the region [Central America].

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This explains why, since the CAM program started almost three years ago, the U. Again, CAM was ostensibly designed to respond to the increasing number of unaccompanied minors crossing into the United States illegally.

Instead, DHS continued to abuse, abroad, the same immigration parole that it was using domestically under the DACA program as a mechanism to permit a steady flow of Central Americans into the United States without being obliged to qualify for refugee programs as actually required by statute — and very few of those applying did in fact qualify.

Despite that fact, significant numbers were paroled into the United States under vaguely defined "family unification" criteria, even though in many instances the family in the United States that Central American aliens were being granted paroles in order to join were themselves in the United States illegally, but present "under color of law", meaning that they had been able to avail themselves of other forms of quasi-amnesty, such as the (also abused) Temporary Protected Status program and the like. Abuse of the parole process in order to satisfy the demands of the CAM program is tacitly acknowledged in the notification from U. Citizenship and Immigration Services on its website announcing shutdown of the program: On Jan.

Our job isn't, or at least shouldn't be, to invite the world across our threshold, ruining our own economy and damaging the lives and well-being of our citizenry in the process.

It is to help the citizens of those countries live well and decently in their cultures and societies.The new plan made public by Kerry is to benefit every person — adults included— from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras who seeks asylum.

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