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16-Sep-2017 14:03

“There are countries that, once we do our research, may require a longer road map to launch.”Despite these challenges, the company has experienced year-over-year double-digit growth over the past decade, according to Weisman.A big part of his role is to help develop strategies to continue that growth.“It’s funny, people always assume my job is heavily focused on litigation. We use external counsel for any litigation matter,” he says.“We always are open to working co-operatively and even collaboratively with the different regulators and advertising approval boards to make sure our ads get green lit,” he says.It doesn’t always work out though: In 2009, the Toronto Transit Commission turned down a deal to wrap a streetcar in the company’s motto. The site, owned by Avid Life Media, is designed for “discreet encounters” for people seeking an affair.

So I’ll provide a first-level assessment and then if we need to engage external counsel we’ll do that as well.”These new markets can be challenging, considering the nature of the site.

There’s a universal demand for our services.”Because of this rapid expansion, his role includes a large international component.

“We’ve always been successful in North America and one of our goals in 2014 was to continue to launch successfully in international and emerging markets,” he says.

Avid Life Media also owns a few other properties, including Established Men (a dating service that connects “young, ambitious women with successful, established men”); Cougar Life (a dating site for women who want to share their real age and personal situation); and The Big and The Beautiful (a dating site for women “with curves who don’t like to play games”).

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For Avi Weisman, vice president and general counsel for Avid Life Media, it’s not exactly a typical job. “I knew I didn’t want to have the normal or typical career path,” he says.

That’s not really an issue that Weisman has in his new role.