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21-Sep-2017 21:41

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Mandi granite/Manikaran, India yielded dates ranging from 9 to 31 million years for granites, vs.

Thus, fossil-strata dating methods are hopelessly foundered.The Jurassic level is claimed to have been formed 180 to 225 million years in the past. Bukulia Granite/ Yugoslavia dated at 3 to 23 million years, vs.Independence dikes/California, USA dated at 2,860 million years.Thus, they started out by dating the strata by imagined dates for fossils, and they ended up dating the fossils by applying those imagined dates to the strata!

But then as the 20th century began, radioactive mineral dating began to be discovered.

In chapters 17 and 19, (Fossils and Strata, and Effects of the Flood) we will discuss the strata dating method in detail.