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30-Dec-2017 19:33

The 1976 catalogue shows the first offerings; A two pickup guitar called the "Sting Ray 1" and the Sting Ray Bass.Both instruments featured bolt on neck designs; the basses featured a distinctive 3 1 tuner arrangement that should help eliminate "dead spots" while the guitars came with a traditional, Fender-style 6-on-a-side tuner array.Music Man continued to have guitars assembled on a limited scale (by Jackson/Charvel) from 1980 through 1984 using parts that were left in stock, before the company was acquired by Ernie Ball.The Stingray guitar had a very progressive design which employed coil splitting and active circuitry.In December 1978, a two pickup bass was introduced called the Sabre (discontinued in 1991).

White had worked with Leo in the very early days of Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company as the plant manager and stayed on after the company was sold to the CBS Corporation, but had grown unhappy with their management. Because of a 10-year non-compete clause in the 1965 contract that sold the Fender companies to CBS, Leo Fender was a silent partner.Tom Walker played a large part in the design of the bass preamp.They were the first production guitar and basses to use active electronics which could boost levels in selected frequency bands, whereas traditional electronics could only reduce the levels.By 1976, it had built a manufacturing facility for musical instruments and was contracted to make Music Man products.

In June 1976, production started on guitars and in August basses followed.

It was a hybrid of tube and solid state technology.

Nå er han passe lei av fordommene og alle som bare plumper ut med antagelsen om at hun må være en hjelpepleier eller søsteren hans.… continue reading »

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