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29-Nov-2017 02:45

Spontaneity, after all, is a great part of the pure joy of children’s play.

A note of caution: In these hazardous days, parents are well advised to be cautious about letting a child walk from one house to another even in the immediate neighborhood.

To return the favor, you may want to volunteer for special events (class parties, plays, et cetera) for your child’s class.

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If the activity goes well, she should fade into the woodwork for five or ten minutes, keeping well within earshot so that she can step in if the going gets rough.fraught with failure, and the wise parent remains unshaken when Johnny’s playmate goes home in a huff or when Johnny barges in the door crying. There are times when a parent must reach out for help, and it is generally the mother, who, faced with this assignment, is going to have to scan the available candidates in the neighborhood and to select a child who would make an appropriate playmate. At this age and under these circumstances boys and girls play equally well together.It is wise for her to approach the child’s mother and explain the situation.making a phone call to his mother when he reaches his destination.

Of course, hopefully, social development and chronological age will continue until such time as the child can come and go to his friend’s house as he chooses, without the wearisome planning.

Eventually, if things continue to progress well, the young child should be allowed to try a short visit to the neighbor’s house. The mother should accompany the child to the appointed place and make arrangements to pick him up at a specified time, suggesting that she be contacted by phone if the visit needs to be terminated earlier.

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