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He served as military attaché in the Argentine Embassy in Chile from 1936 to 1938, and returned to his teaching post.

His wife was diagnosed with uterine cancer that year, and died on 10 September at age 30; the couple had no children.

During his first presidential term (1946–52), Perón was supported by his second wife, Eva Duarte ("Evita"), and the two were immensely popular among many Argentines.

Eva died in 1952, and Perón was elected to a second term, serving from 1952 until 1955.

Peronism is a political phenomenon that draws support from both the political left and political right.

Peronism is not considered a traditional party, but a political movement, because of the wide variety of people who call themselves Peronists, and there is great controversy surrounding his personality.

He excelled less in his studies than in athletics, particularly boxing and fencing.

Perón began his military career in an Infantry post in Paraná, Entre Ríos.

He earned instructor's credentials at the Superior War School, and in 1929 was appointed to the Army General Staff Headquarters.His father's undertaking ultimately failed, and he died in Buenos Aires in 1928.The youth entered the National Military College in 1911 at age 16 and graduated in 1913.Perón married his first wife, Aurelia Tizón (Potota, as Perón fondly called her), on 5 January 1929.

Perón was recruited by supporters of the director of the War Academy, General José Félix Uriburu, to collaborate in the latter's plans for a military coup against President Hipólito Yrigoyen.Perón's great-grandfather became a successful shoe merchant in Buenos Aires, and his grandfather was a prosperous physician; his death in 1889 left his widow nearly destitute, however, and Perón's father moved to then-rural Lobos, where he administered an estancia and met his future wife.

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