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The Legal Proceedings: Odyssey announced in May 2007 it had discovered the wreck in the Atlantic and raised 500,000 silver coins and other artifacts worth an estimated US0 million (€324 million). Odyssey brought the artifacts under the jurisdiction of the U. District Court by filing an Admiralty arrest action. federal court claiming ownership of the treasure and the case is currently set for Oral Arguments tentatively scheduled to take place during the week of February 28, 2011 at the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.The coins and artifacts were brought into the United States with a valid export license and imported legally pursuant to U. This procedure allows any legitimate claimant with an interest in the property to make a claim. Additional appeals have been filed by groups who have presented documentation indicating that if Spain is correct, and the recovered cargo originated from the Mercedes, they are descendants of the owners of Mercedes’ cargo and have legitimate property rights.Those claimants have recognized Odyssey’s archaeological recovery efforts and have acknowledged Odyssey’s right to a salvage award.Sea Search Armada, a US-based salvage company, claims the Republic of Colombia owes it billion to billion for breaching a contract granting it the right to salvage the galleon San Jose, sunk by the British Navy on June 8, 1708.That fact makes the revelations all the more disappointing. “These released cables do call into question the motivation behind the amicus brief filed by the Executive Branch supporting Spain in the ‘Black Swan’ case.” Additional cables released support Odyssey’s statements that, contrary to allegations of certain Spanish officials, the company always cooperated with the Spanish Government and that permits from the Spanish government were granted for work on the HMS Sussex project. “After wrapping up our December Hong Kong auction with the Wa She Wong Collection, we are excited to offer another extremely diverse selection of ancient and world coins and paper money,” said Rick Ponterio, executive vice president of Bowers and Merena.The cables also make us wonder what other agreements may have taken place between U. Government officials and Spain regarding the amicus brief filed in support of Spain’s position in the ‘Black Swan’ case.” “We’ve wondered why the United States changed its long standing position on sovereign immunity, which prior to this case was consistent with U. The cables also demonstrate the obstructionist activities carried out by certain Spanish officials who had personal reasons for trying to prevent Odyssey from working on the Sussex. “Sure to be the center of attention, the 1854 Guatemala 8 Reales, lot 1036 and graded AU-55 by NGC, is perhaps the rarest crown-sized type coin for all of Latin America.” Shortly after the production of this coin, the Republic of Guatemala adopted the decimal system and began producing coinage in Pesos and Centavo-equivalent denominations.

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Jack Harbeston, managing director of the Cayman Islands-registered commercial salvage company Sea Search Armada, who has taken on seven Colombian administrations during two decades in a legal fight to claim half the sunken hulk’s riches.

29 and 30, at Heritage’s jewelbox New York space at 445 Park Avenue (at 57the most important collection of its kind, on display at the NYINC, January 6-9, at the Waldorf-Astoria.

A Polish Sigismund III gold 10 Dukats 1588, Fr-83, XF45 NGC represents one of the superb early highlights of the auction.

Opening at ,500, lively bidding quickly brought the coin to a final selling price of 0,000.

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“The buyer had been searching for this rarity, one of only two known in private hands, for more than 30 years.

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