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There is one scene in an episode of Dragon Ball Super where Videl isn't wearing her leggings. For the Resurrection F saga, she sports a plain red dress with her normal current hairstyle, black tights and white high heel shoes.Her design changed drastically from a teenage tomboy style to a typical house-wife style, indicating how much Videl has mellowed out to becoming more domestic character than before.Videl looks nothing like her father, which means she must have looked a lot like her late mother.Her child outfit attire is the purple long-sleeved shirt with the teddy face on the front, grey shorts, purple shoes, and purple bows tied in pigtails.She later becomes the wife of Gohan and mother of Pan.As Gohan's wife, she is very caring and motherly to everyone.She originally sported a pink sweater-dress that reached her upper thighs, with a red stripe around the chest area, along with black tights and bright pink shoes with darker pink soles.

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Videl is a tough, tomboyish character, raised with fame all around her. After blackmailing Gohan to enter the tournament and teach her the levitation technique (using ki energy to fly), she gradually starts to fall in love with him, for his kind and honest heart.

In Wrath of the Dragon, she wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt and a white mini skirt that reached her upper thighs.