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There are far too many of them out there to be considered salesman's samples or novelties as some people believe them to be.

As proof that they were used, they do suffer damage, primarily about their mouth.

The quickest way to tell if it is a fake is by examining the threaded rod on which the depth adjustment nut (the brass knob) traverses.

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This plane was designed to smooth small areas and was found practical by many since it can be used with one hand, much like a block plane is.There are guys making reproduction totes for these and other planes. Another form of damage I've noticed on them is one I can never understand how it ever happened in the first place.The screws used to secure the frog to the bottom casting actually poke through the sole!The screws used to secure the frog to the base have round heads, and not flat ones (the earliest larger bench planes had round heads, but later were changed to flat ones).

Also, the frog, and its mating to the bottom, only underwent one redesign during its production, which is far less than the redesigns the larger bench planes had done to them.

The earliest models have an I-shaped, or H-shaped (depending upon how it's viewed) receiving area for the frog.

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