Queued updating subscriptions

05-Aug-2017 06:00

Error: 21054, Severity: 16, The trigger at the Subscriber could not execute commands at the Publisher over the linked server connection (triggers are used for Subscribers with updating subscriptions).Ensure sp_link_publication has been used to configure the linked server properly, Error: 21055, Severity: 15, Invalid value for parameter %s specified for %s.Error: 21056, Severity: 16, The subscription to publication ‘%s’ has expired or does not exist.Error: 21057, Severity: 16, Anonymous Subscribers cannot have updatable subscriptions.

Replication Monitor enables you to validate subscriptions to ensure that data on the subscriber matches data on the publisher.

After you specify the subscription validation option, the distribution agent will report messages similar to the following for each published table: You can view this information on the Distributor To Subscriber History tab under Action Message.

If you use queued-updating subscriptions, SSMS also allows viewing replication conflicts.

To validate subscriptions, SQL Server can compare row counts only, row counts and binary checksum, or row count and checksum.

You can right-click a publication in the left pane of Replication Monitor and choose "Validate Subscriptions..." to choose the subscriptions you wish to validate; doing so will bring up the following dialog: The screen indicates that certain options can take a long time and generate additional load on the server, so try to validate your subscriptions during periods of low user activity.

If the subscription uses Microsoft Message Queueing, ensure Error: 21053, Severity: 16, Input property parameter is not valid.

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