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02-Aug-2017 20:56

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Yahoo Personals worked great for me in Colorado, but sucked for me in South Carolina. I really haven't had a lot of luck with it in the... Ahh, I didn't even really consider different sites for different ages, but that's smart. The other day I went and played water polo with a women I meet online. Later that day I wrote a quick note saying I enjoyed meeting her and gave her my email and numbers.

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Based on her age, she might be better off with e Harmony than most - as well as with Part of it depends on where she is geographically - some states seems to frequent certain sites more, at lease IME. My only concern with OKC for her might be that she might run in to some of her students there.

I don't even know if the biggies are any good anymore. My profile ( I think it's a great ad, and I'm not just saying that. I wrote them because I kept getting messages asking for photos of my feet :confused: and offers to join some polyamorous relationship that I'm not interested in. The stereotype I have of Queens is that it is inhabited with a more conservative type of person than Manhattan or Brooklyn. Other than that if you want to keep trying with OKCupid.

Can you guys recommend 1-2 paid sites, and a bunch of free sites that have worked for you? There's nothing wrong with the way you look, either. On the one hand, if you are getting an inordinate amount of messages from people who those notes apply to the faster you get that information out there the better so I can see you wanting it right away. I need to scan some new photos soon, but I take like three photos a year that I can stand to look at, and they're all on there. I don't think there is much that needs to be changed. I have had some luck meeting interesting people that way.

I'm not sure if they're a scammer, spammer, or what but they're almost certainly up to something.

----------------------------- I made a few changes to my profile (

We went to grade school together, but she was in a different grade. I wish she had sent an email so I would know if she knows she already knows me.

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